The South Cape Music Academy provides income opportunities for qualified music teachers who act as service providers for the Academy.

We provide successful applicants with:

  • Well-equipped teaching venues, including instruments, music stands, mirrors etc.;
  • Pupil enrolments and leads on a flexi-time basis, on one or more campuses;
  • Full administration of teacher fees: collections, monthly payments, debt collection, tax options;
  • Music exam registration;
  • Own pupil concerts and/or participation in Academy concerts;
  • Marketing and advertising of their service;
  • Motivational support, regular social get-togethers, and problem-solving meetings;
  • Photocopy and instrument library facilities;
  • Provision of teaching materials, instruments and ordering of books for pupils.

Instruments currently required:

  • Brass: trumpet, Eb or F horn, euphonium, tuba, trombone,
  • Strings: cello, viola, double bass
  • Woodwind: flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone